Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mozilla Firefox 27 Now Ready for Download

Firefox for iPad: Mozilla Firefox is the one of the most popular web browser for desktop and laptop PSs, Now its latest version Firefox 27  now available for Free download on iPad, iPad 2 and iPad Mini. The new version of Firefox is Faster, more secure and more social compare to older Firefox browser.

Mozilla Corporation adds support for the Firefox Social API, improves TLS support and makes many other improvements in its Firefox 27 version.

Firefox’s Social API will allow a Firefox user to receive pop up notifications in their Firefox browser from various social networking services, chat tool and news sites.

Mozilla has also added support for SPDY 3.1 and TLS 1.1 (RFC 4346) and TLS 1.2 (RFC 5246), which has been enabled by default. This feature provides more security to its users.

Mozilla Firefox claim, the updated Firefox 27 is faster than older version of Firefox version.

You are looking to download Firefox on iPad? You can download freely available latest version of Firefox by clicking below link:

You can also Download Firefox 27 for your PC and laptop PCs as per device Operating system by using following links-

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