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2017 Top 5 Educational iPad Apps for kids

Best Educational apps for kids -iPad, iPad 2, iPad 2 and iPad Mini are more than just a cool tech tool, and the ways they can be used to support and improve student education are endless!

As the internet uses in all fields is increasing day by day, so everyone need to filmier with the latest technologies. A recent survey of 2,000 parents in the UK found that 75% share their smartphones with their kids.

Currently many iPad apps and applications are available for different – different fields, which help you to work with smarter ways. In the educational field, there are many best Educational iPad Apps available for kids. With these iPad apps, teachers find out creative ways to integrate the iPad into teaching with educational & organizational applications.

To make teaching and learning easy, teachers can use iPad apps to make learning and education easier and more fun. In the Apple store many valuable Educational app available for iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 & iPad Mini. Everyone needs to download these educational apps for kids and make learning easy for your children.   

The following top 5 Paid and Free Educational iPad Apps make learning easier for your Child  These are:-

1. Farm 123 FREE ~ StoryToys Jr- 
App name: Farm 123 FREE ~ StoryToys Jr
Price: Free

Farm 123 is one of the most popular Educational Apps for iPad. It is a digital version of pop-up books. It is Just like a real book; children can easily turn the pages and view pop-up scenes from different angles.Kids will love learning to count as they help Farmer Jo around the farm in this magical pop-up book and game. You can download this app from apple store.

2. Change4Life fun generator-
App name: Change4Life fun generator
Price: Free

Change4Life fun generator is one of the best free Educational iPad App for kids. The Change4Life fun generator has over 100 fun activities for your kids to enjoy, indoors and out.

Price: £0.69

Funimal Phonics is a fun, pre-school educational app for kids that work well on Apple iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad Mini. Funimal Phonics for iPad is the fun way for a child to learn about letters and their sounds. It is ideal for children 18 months + who are starting to learn about letters and their sounds.

Price: $0.99

It’s a phonics-based, music-mixing, jamtastic alphabet app. With 26 friendly letters at your child’s fingertips, he can create an endless number of jazzy musical combinations. If he touches a letter, it sings its phonetic sound in a continuous loop. He can then add letters, make words... It’s so danceable!

Price: £1.99

Move The Turtle Educational app for that teaches children the basics of creating computer programs by using of the intuitive graphic commands. This app able to introduces children to basic concepts of programming.

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